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SEWEN Wiki is a standard ASP.NET Web Forms application and you can modify it to suit your needs.

Master page

All pages of this application are using ~/Pages/Site.Master as their master page. Edit this page to customize general layout, logos etc.

Style sheets

The master style sheet can be found in ~/Styles/main.scss. It uses the extended Sass CSS preprocessor, which generates the ~/Styles/main.css file used by browser.

If you are familiar with Sass syntax, you can use the master .scss file. If you are not familiar with Sass, you can use the resulting .css file instead.

If you are not familiar with Sass, but want to be (which I recommend), you can use the following resources:

jQuery UI theming

SEWEN Wiki makes heavy use of jQuery UI CSS Framework and most of its default visuals is defined in Redmond, one of default jQuery UI themes. You can use jQuery UI ThemeRoller to visually define style sheets you want to use.

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