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SEWEN Wiki uses standard techniques fro user interface localization (it does not cater for content localization, though).

Currently, two languages are supported: English and Czech, with English being the default.

How to change language

Language is set in the web.config file, in the globalization element.
        <globalization culture="en-US" uiCulture="en" />

The culture attribute sets the format of date and time and must be always specific culture (including both language and country, ie. en-US or cs-CZ). The uiCulture attribute sets language of user interface and can be either generic culture (just language, ie. en or cs) or specific one.

How to add new language

The language resource files are stored in the ~/App_GlobalResource folder. The base (English) language file is called UI.resx, additional files have the two-letter ISO language code added to their name. Czech language file is called UI.cs.resx (the cs in this context refers to Czech language, not to C#).

If you want to add new language, copy the source one under new name (ie. for German) and translate the strings within.

If you'll add new language, consider publishing it for other users via SEWEN Wiki project website.

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