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SEWEN Wiki is a complete web-based wiki server software.

Is built upon SEWEN, the Simple Embeddable Wiki Engine core (and thus on WikiPlex library). Unlike the SEWEN core it provides not only library to be included in your projects, but finished, ready-to-use solution.

Who can use SEWEN Wiki?

Anyone, who needs simple wiki solution. There are many wiki servers in the wild, like ScrewTurn Wiki or MediaWiki. But they're quite big, complicated to setup and maintain and sometimes they just don't play nicely with ASP.NET and IIS.

SEWEN Wiki is simple wiki solution. It's kind of minimal implementation - supports pages, editing and access rights. It extends the sample applications provided with SEWEN Core to fully blown system, ready to be quickly deployed.

Main features include:
  • Easy and sleek user interface
  • Markup, which can be quickly understand by non-technical person
  • Flexible storage model
  • Flexible authentication model, based on ASP.NET Membership and Role providers
  • Design based on HTML 5, CSS 3 and jQuery UI, which can be easily changed to fit your design needs
  • Conservative approach to JavaScript - we use it to bring nice contemporary interface, but we don't depend on it, the application works even when JavaScript does not for any reason

What kind of data store SEWEN Wiki supports?

It's basically just a front end to SEWEN core, so it shares the virtue of being provider-based and in theory it supports any data store, as long as there is a provider written for it. At time of writing, there are two page store providers, one is using plain text files and second one basically any standard relational database, such as Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Compact Edition.

See Documentation tab for more info

By default, SEWEN Wiki uses SQL Server Compact Edition and should run out of the box on most common hosting services.

What is relation between WikiPlex, SEWEN and SEWEN Wiki?

They're build on top of each other:
  • WikiPlex is a library which will take wiki markup and render it to HTML. It does not really care about where the markup came from. WikiPlex is not created by me, but by people maintaining this (CodePlex) site. This library is not intended to be used by end users, but by developers, to be incorporated into their own projects.
  • SEWEN (also called now SEWEN Core) stands for "Simple Embeddable Wiki Engine" and it's just that: it uses the WikiPlex library and defines a storage and access model for Wiki pages. Again, this is library for developers, intended to be used to bring wiki functionality to existing application.
  • SEWEN Wiki is full and complete wiki solution, ready to be deployed. It's built upon the SEWEN Core and provides nice web-based user interface. This is the solution for end-users, who want to have finished software and do not want to develop their own.

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