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SEWEN Wiki does not have its own authentication infrastructure, but relies on configuration of ASP.NET. By default, the site uses Forms Authentication and SQL Table Providers from Altairis Web Security toolkit.

How to change membership provider

SEWEN Wiki will happily use any membership provider for ASP.NET. Just configure it in the membership section of your web.config file instead of TableMembershipProvider.

For specific configuration instructions, refer to documentation for your chosen provider.

Disabling user management

SEWEN Wiki contains web interface for user management. If you want to use the application integrated to environment, where membership database is maintained by other application, you might want to disable user management.

To do so, set /configuration/altairis.sewenWiki/security/@enableUserManager to false:
        <section name="altairis.sewenWiki" type="Altairis.Sewen.Wiki.Configuration.SewenWikiConfigurationSection, Altairis.Sewen.Wiki" />
        <security enableUserManager="false" />


SEWEN Wiki recognizes two classes of authenticated users: general users (any authenticated user) and administrators, the later being recognized by being members of specified role.

Roles are specified using standard ASP.NET infrastructure of role providers, so you can use any other provider instead of the defaultTableRoleProvider.

Renaming the administrators role

By default, the role for users with wiki admin rights is called administrators. If you want to change it to some other name, for example in Active Directory integration, it's possible. The change requires two steps:
  1. Change the URL Authorization rules in web.config to allow access to your chosen role.
  2. Change value of /configuration/altairis.sewenWiki/security/@adminRoleName to name of your chosen role.

For example, the following configuration is used to use wikiadmins role instead of administrators:
        <section name="altairis.sewenWiki" type="Altairis.Sewen.Wiki.Configuration.SewenWikiConfigurationSection, Altairis.Sewen.Wiki" />
        <security adminRoleName="wikiadmins" />
    <location path="admin">
                <allow roles="wikiadmins" />
                <deny users="*" />

Default access rights

You can configure access rights in web.config, but the default settings are:
  • Anonymous users have read only access. They can read anything, including the history, but are unable to change pages or create new ones.
  • Authenticated users can also add or edit pages.
  • Administrators (member of the configured role) can also delete pages (either single versions of them or all versions at once) and can also manage users.

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